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  • The Meteor

    A somewhat civilized tavern on Seascape's [[Taverna Lane | Taverna Lane]], though not without its share of commotion. Frequented by merchants and sailors. Serves the famous Meteor ale, with an almost spicy flavor. Owned by [[:karson-33 | Karson]].

  • Harlon [31]

    Harlon is a former blacksmith from the Iron Hills and is able to break up many, but not all, fights that break out in his [[The Burnt Cleaver | tavern]]. Bald and clean shaven, with huge arms and hands. He wears an apron, often without a shirt underneath, …

  • Arndell [36]

    Arndell is a friend of [[:harlon-31 | Harlon’s]] and is similarly boisterous and loud, and is often drunk himself. Arndell is from the rocky cliffs to the west of Seascape. He has some black hair, though he is balding, as well as a tough beard and large …

  • Karson [33]

    Karson loves to hear and retell stories of travelers in his [[The Meteor | inn]]. He has brown hair and small ears. He wears a buttoned shirt and simple pants with a embroidered belt.

  • Hajo [31]

    Hajo is an entertainer along Taverna Lane who juggles and performs simple tricks, and has befriended many citizens in the area. He wears bright blue and red clothing with bells on his feet. He is small in stature with short black hair.

  • Loraine [24]

    A musician on the Lane who plays the flute expertly. She wears a simple green outfit with a small cap to cover her short blonde hair. Takes kindly to people who give her money, but is wary of robbers.

  • Cortney [35]

    Cortney is one of the few women blacksmith’s in Corhaset. Her father trained her in the art, and she is very proud of her occupation. She wears simple dresses or skirts with a leather apron. She runs [[Taverna Furnace | Taverna Furnace]]

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