SIr Wyndam Harhold [40]

General of Lord Winthrop's Navy in Seascape and Commander of the Steel Wind


[hp: 10 AC: 13 (leather) Fort 0 Refl +2 Will +3 (Morningstar Atk +4 Dmg 1d81) (Thrown Spear Atk 3 Dmg 1d81) Str 13 Dex 12 Con 9 Int 15 Wis 11 Cha 14 (Balance/Swim/Use Rope +7 Spot/Sailor/Jump +6 Woodworking/Geo +8 Intimidate +11 Diplomacy/know nature/nobility +2)]


Harhold sailed around the Aldorian coast from the Sun Rays to Sunset before becoming general of the navy and captain of The Steel Wind. He is a tough soldier and leader, though an explorer at heart. Stocky build with battered brown hair and a scruffy beard. Wears light armor over a simple tunic and pants.

SIr Wyndam Harhold [40]

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