Sir Pearson Whitcomb [36]

Captain of the Seascape Lower Bridge Guards


[hp:17 AC: 16 w/ chain 18 w/ plate Touch 9 Flat 11 For 6 Relf +1 Will +3 (Morningstar Atk +4 Dmg 1d83) Str 14 Dex 9 Con 12 Int 11 Wis 13 Cha 15 (Conc Heal Know nobility/religion +1 Handle Animal Ride +4 Diplomacy/Sense Motive +6)]


Captain of the lower bridge guard. A much better captain than Sir Yanick Blacklow of the upper bridge, and they dislike each other because of it. Whitcomb holds his guards to a very high standard, selecting only the best from the barracks. He also patrols the bridge himself throughout the day. He has a sharp eye and a sharp mind. Curly brown hair with a sharp chin, Sir Pearson is often seen wearing armor. Otherwise he has a tunic with chainmail underneath.

Sir Pearson Whitcomb [36]

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